Gift for your relationships

We are a team of two: Anna and Monta with a mission to create products for building stronger and warmer relationships. Inspired by the 75–year–long Harvard Grant study and the fact that touches are essential for trust, warmth and loving relationships, we got carried away with a new product idea — an unprecedented clothing collection for touches.

Based on research

Research shows that a hug a day can improve the nervous system and boost the immune system among other benefits. The human touch is like a lightning conductor for stress relief. That is why each garment of be–with has its specially designed secret passages on the back that allow to touch the partner, without anyone noticing. The first dark–tone collection features shirts with short and long sleeves for both women and men, as well as dresses and cardigans. The passages do not reveal skin and cold does not get through them. The garments are made of selected, pleasant for the touch fabrics: cotton, brushed cotton, Micro–modal® and eco certified bamboo fibre.

be-with touch-through clothing founders Anna Andersone and Monta Kairena

Idea generator

CEO Anna Andersone is a well–known figure in the start–up environment, founder of FROONT, Berta, THE MILL and Riga TechGirls, graduate of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


Chief Designer Monta Kairēna studied Fashion Design in London College of Fashion  and Teko Design & Business School in Denmark. She has interned at the studios of Keta Gūtmane and Katya Shehurina.